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We constantly visit our Mediterranean suppliers to monitor standards of environmental and animal welfare.

In Kourellas, a nature reserve in northern Greece, our cheese suppliers goats and sheep roam freely in the wild. Our second cheese supplier in Lesvigal, on the island of Lesvos let their sheep and goats graze freely too. Their diet consists of more than 180 natural plants and herbs unique to this Greek island.

The protection of small-scale producers is also important to strengthen the local economy.


To reduce our globel footprint of carbon dioxide emissions from our transporter, we constantly choose sea freight over truck transport. The transport companies that we work with are all environmentally approved and certified according to ISO 14001.


In Tyreso, just south of Stockholm at our warehouse, we have installed a geothermal heating system to reduce our greenhouse gasses. This works by collecting heat from the geothermal holes that we heat offices and warehouse with to use throught our premises in the winter months. We aso use this system to cool our warehouse and offices in the Summer.


Our waste is disposed of by SITA, which is certified according to ISO 14001. We are affiliated with Swedish Return Pallet system and thus we recycle all broken pallets. We are also working to limit our consumption of paper and sort returnable packaging, such as cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard for recycling.

Many of our customers and we ourselves, are connected with EDI solutions to enable ordering, order confirmations and invoicing to be done digitally, reducing the need for paper. Any paper still consumed in our office is collected for recycling.