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  • How can you contact us?
    • You can contact Fontana in many different ways. For questions about our products, please contact Customer Service at 08-448 71 00. For other questions, or if you want to get in touch with any of Fontana Foods employees, see contact numbers below.

  • What is Meze?
    • Similar to the Spanish tapas and Italian antipasti, Greece is also has an exuberant ‘small dishes’ culture. Meze is delicacies served in small portions, and are very common in Greece. It’s  a great way to be introduced to Greek cuisine.

  • How should olive oil be stored?
    • -Keep your olive oil in a dark and cool place, but not in the fridge, as it will then lump together and become cloudy. If it becomes cold and cloudy, let stand for a while at room temperature and it will return to normal.

  • Is Fontanas cheeses laktos free?
    • -No. But Fontanas Feta, Goat and Buffalo cheese is stored in three or more months and therefore contain minimal lactose. Halloumi and Grilloumi-cheeses are however not stored, and therefore contain lactose.

  • What is the difference between Halloumi and Grilloumi?
    • -Halloumi is a patented cheese from Cyprus. Grilloumi is Fontanas own cheese produced in Greece. You can both fry and grill it without it melting. The difference is in the taste. The Grilloumi cheese has a different milk composition, which gives it a much richer taste experience.

  • What is Halloumi?
    • -Halloumi is a typical cheese from Cyprus which can be fried and grilled without melting. When fried the surface becomes golden brown and crispy. The flavour is salty and the consistency is somewhat squeaky. Delicious addition to salads, chicken and grilled meat, but also a great vegetarian option.

  • What is Feta Cheese?
    • -Fetacheese is a salty cheese from the north of Greece.  It is only allowed to contain a minimum of 70% sheeps milk and maximum 30% goats milk. The name is patented according to regulations by the European Union.

  • What is the ’The Feta cheese Day ’?
    • -The 15th of October 2007 Greece became the sole users of the product name Feta. We celebrated this occasion by announcing the 15th of October the Feta cheese Day. Fontana celebrates this every year with competitions and special offers in stores.

  • What is the difference between Kalamon olives and Kalamata olives?
    • -Kalamon is an olive sort which grows all over Greece. The olives can only be called Kalamata olives if they have grown in the region of Kalamata, otherwise they need to be called Kalamon. But the taste is exactly the same.

  • What is Kalamon-oliver?
    • -Kalamon-oliver is Grecce’s most famous olive sort. They have a dark black purple to dark brown colour, with a fruity flavour and juicy consistency. In the past they were known as Kalamata olives, but after a European Union ruling, only olives picked from this small region are allowed to be called Kalamata.

  • Swedens first halloumi?
    • -Fontana was the first importer of this increasingly popular cheese to Sweden in the beginning of the 1980s, when Frixos imported 10kg, which took a whole year to sell. Today Fontana sells over 400.000kg of halloumi in Sweden.

  • When was Fontana founded?
    • Fontana was founded in 1978 by Frixos Papadopoulos, and our first products were 25ml juices in tins from Cyprus, which Frixos sold to stores from his Wolksvagen van.