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Grilloumi Original

Swedes grills and fry cheese like never before. Demand for cheese that can be grilled continues to rise and to broaden the cheese assortment and offer more consumers the opportunity to enjoy grilled cheese Fontana now launches Grilloumi. Fontana Grilloumi is a fry-and grill cheese from Greece. The milk for this cheese comes from free-range cows and goats. The saltiness and crispy surface harmonizes well with grilled meat, chicken and vegetables, as well as it's delicious in salads and on sandwiches.

Item number: 97038.

Pasteurized cow (90%) and goats (10%), sea salt (2.5%), lactic acid culture, rennet, mint.

Nutrition per 100g
  • Energy298 kcal1235 kJ
  • Protein 19,0 g
  • Carbohydrate 1,4 g
  • Fat 24,0 g