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Win A Trip To 'Olive Country'

Kalamata, has more to offer than just its world-famous olives

…And now Fontana and Apollo are giving you the chance to win a trip for two to discover this exciting city. Kalamata in the Greek Peloponnese peninsula offers a wonderful city break where you can enjoy both the history, tradition and entertainment of Greece. Enter before April 20 and you could be on a flight heading to Greece on June 7th. Enter Here  

Our Love Story

I started my journey in Cyprus among the olive trees and animals on my parent’s farm.

In 1975 I came to Sweden and began importing the wonderful flavours of my homeland. At Fontana we are tirelessly looking to bring you the finest food. Follow us on our journey.

Our Campaigns

Commercials for our delicious Kalamata olives. See more in the news.